Selected Masterpieces of Lacqurewares from The Seikado Collection October 8(Sat) – December 11(Sun), 2016

Exhibition Schedule 2012-13

  • "Lineage of Gold and Silver ― Beauty Cultured by Sōtatsu,Kōrin and Hōitsu"
    [October 31,2015(Saturday)~December 23,2015(Wednesday, National Holiday)]
  • "The Splendid Art of Tea Utensils from Cha-no-yu and Sen-cha"
    [January 23,2016(Saturday)~March 21,2016(Monday, National Holiday)]
  • "Reviving the Buddha Aesthetic: Commemorating the Restration of Important Art Works"
    [April 23,2016(Saturday)~June 5,2016(Sunday)]
  • "Naturalists in Edo era: They wanted to know more and more about wonder of natural history"
    [June 25,2016(Saturday)~ August 7,2016(Sunday)]
  • "Selected Masterpieces of Lacquerwares from The Seikado Collection: The Beauty Inherited in the World of URUSHI"
    [October 8,2016(Saturday)~ December 11,2016(Sunday)]
  • "Perfect Guide to Japanese Sword"
    [January 21,2017(Saturday)~ March 20,2017(Sunday)]
  • "A fantastic world of illustrations. Enjoy a blissful harmony between letters and pictures!"
    [April 15,2017(Saturday)~ May 28,2017(Sunday)]
  • "Embracing the Scent: Valuable Incense Containers and Burners, from the Seikado Collection"
    [June 17,2017(Saturday)~ August 13,2017(Sunday)]